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Marketing Data Analytics Services

At Shiney, we offer the right information, to the right people, at the right time. With a series of computer tools for real-time analytics, we help you grow your business by better understanding the needs of your customers to make better decisions through our big marketing data Analytics Service in California.

Big Data Marketing and Analytics Service the heart of the Big Data revolution. Today, we have an unprecedented volume, speed, and variety of primary data called Big Data, where individual consumer data is available.

Recent technological revolutions like social media today allow you to generate data much faster than ever. Big data is the ability that technology offers us to efficiently store, manage, and process data. We provide marketing data analytics services for Los Angeles companies in three dimensions:

  • Volume
  • Speed
  • Variety

We convert data into useful information to fine-tune your marketing strategy

Big data is the management and analysis of vast amounts of data of such a size that it would be impossible to do it with conventional database tools. However, this information is crucial in Marketing Data Analytics for Los Angeles companies.

The Big Data concept encompasses infrastructures, technologies, and services that have been created to provide solutions to the processing of huge data sets (messages on social networks, mobile signals, audio files, sensors, digital images, form data, emails, data of surveys, logos, etc.).

The objective is to convert data into useful information for decision-making, since using Big Data, we can better understand the profile, needs, and feelings of customers, allowing us to adapt our digital marketing strategy even in real-time.

Big Data utilities for digital marketing

We summarize the operation of Big Data in three concepts:


The broader the sources of information, the more possibilities there are to find new market niches and potential audiences.


Big Data’s ability to provide real-time information harbors one of the great benefits of using this technology. The mission of marketing professionals is to develop the ability to work instantly and be competent to redirect strategies based on customer behavior.


The large amount of data generated requires a correct orientation of the strategies to filter the necessary information and also provide time savings.

Big Data Marketing: Data Analytics for Advertising

Currently, Digital Marketing has been implemented in all companies. Advertising professionals have evolved to adapt to the digital public, which response to advertising that is very different from traditional advertising. The Internet has allowed the existence of non-intrusive and more accurate advertising with the user’s needs.

The marketing professionals must have one of the most versatile profiles that we can find in the digital ecosystem since they must have knowledge and skills that range from written communication to video and photo editing, and everything in between. We are facing an era in which big marketing data analytics service can revolutionize the way of doing Marketing, since obtaining data in large quantities and of different kinds helps us to make campaigns even more effective.

Why Marketing and Big Data Go Hand in Hand?

On the one hand, marketing has numerous and excellent ways of capturing quality data. Social networks, web browsing, and native advertising campaigns generate a lot of data that, without an analytical tool, can go unnoticed.

Secondly, it highlights the need to better redirect advertising to impact at the right time and to somehow anticipate consumer needs. Until now, the usual segmentation of the target was to consider the entire target audience as a set of people who share sociodemographic characteristics. With Big Data, in marketing, you can find the target as an individual and, therefore, launch personalized communication with each client.

Advantages of Big Marketing Data Analytics Services

  • Get ahead of consumption patterns: Data analytics allows you to develop patterns that help you make predictions. If we apply it to marketing, this use can improve the impact of advertising and even predict consumer behavior.
  • Personalize the content: For example, Inbound Marketing, a technique that manages to capture qualified leads by offering useful materials to users, such as tutorials, articles or infographics, improves if we obtain data that indicates what type of content will be liked by the user.
  • Better segmentation: As we have already mentioned, the change from the target audience to the target individual allows for more effective marketing. Each different user could receive more personalized offers, including content and messages that are totally different from other potential customers.
  • Improvement in the analysis and care of online reputation: There are already applications that, through the data collected from social networks, can discern between positive, negative, or neutral comments. Our Big Marketing Data Analytics Service in California detect the sentiment of social messages that make it possible to react better to a crisis in brand reputation. It even helps you develop better action protocols when faced with, for example, criticism.


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Southwest Airlines – Incursion Marketing

  • Southwest Airlines and partner Chase Bank executed a 2 month cross-country mobile tour featuring pop-up stations with interactive consumer engagements
  • Amp Agency trusted the Incursion executive team to oversee field management, planning, execution, and technology support
  • Project executed successfully in 11 markets

Gloomy Eyes – 3Dar

  • Animated experience
  • An original 3 episode VR piece
  • Winning awards at all of the major film and animation festivals worldwide.


Earth – 3Dar

  • Global awareness piece (entertainment collaborators)
  •  10M views within 24 hours of it’s YouTube release back in mid-April and now is over 200M views.
  • Created all the animation and co-directed.

Projection Mapping – Pixel Density

Sprint Pokemon AR – Razz

Adult Swim Comic Con – MS Event Productions

Mountain Dew NBA All Star – MS Event Productions

Emory Health – Daylam Productions

Georgia Power – Daylam Productions

Red Bull Stratos – BeCore

Owner Evan Smith and MS Event Productions will be hosting a holiday blowout event on Tuesday, December 10th. Undoubtedly, some incredible event production prowess will be on full display. SMG members are very excited to witness the results and experience all the fun for those who can attend!

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