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SMG is in ATLANNA now too, Y’all!

SMG has opened offices and production studio in Atlanta, GA!  We are PSYCHED to branch out down South, allowing us to be both Pacific and Eastern time, and create with such rich media resources in a city that we LOVE. Tax credits don't hurt either! Very, very exciting times. No fear to our Cali folks - we're still in El [...]

Shiney Media Turning Arcimoto Into Promo Fleets

We love to create winning formulas where multiple clients thrive at the same time, on the same program. Our relationship with Arcimoto EV's allows us to do just that! In the coming weeks, our Arcimotos specially customized for our clients brands will be making their debuts out at events and on the streets with our marketing teams all Summer long [...]

Crazy Fun Producing Grammys Event Activations

The Grammys are crazy weird fun. The events trump the awards, no doubt. SMG was proud to produce a celebration for some the great Canadian talent nominated this year- and hello DJ Karaba! We brought in some cool video tech, and the rest of the night is happy history. Nous sommes fiers de célébrer les artistes et producteurs canadiens nominés [...]

SMG’s Canadian love-fest continues with ‘Three Pines’ for Amazon Studios

So many exciting events and activations - and so many more to come. Most recently, Shiney Media had a blast with the launch of 'Three Pines' for Amazon Studios and Prime Video. What a fruitful relationship! SMG is so proud and thankful to be the preferred partner of the Canadian Consulate, and thereby all of the brilliant Film Commissions from [...]

Shiney Media created a booth for Purecane that’s really sweet

Purecane's zero calorie sweeteners are derived from real sugarcane - that lends to some seriously delicious recipes. That's why Shiney Media created a custom bakery booth to put all those amazing Purecane products and treats on display. Kicking off at the Mom 2.0 Expo in Los Angeles, this sweet setup was a huge hit and now can be found at [...]

SMG’s EWW to OOO campaign for OLIKA becomes a live activation

It's really great when your commercial campaign earlier in the year does so well that you're asked to turn it into an experiential booth for trade shows!

SMG Welcomes Our Newest Member (From a Longtime Relationship)!

Shiney Media Group is thrilled to announce our newest member: Director Napas “Pong” Taleangcapun and production house Stripper Films based out of Bangkok, Thailand. While Stripper Films is the newest member to join SMG, the working relationship between Napas “Pong” and David “Shiney” Scheinberg spans two decades. Pong and Shiney were business partners and owners of production company Breakdown Entertainment [...]

Shiney Media Soars With LA Drones And Future Grade

SMG is very excited to infuse the innovation, technology and splendid aerial videography of member LA Drones and Future Grade to our robust and diverse program integration plans. As we establish adjusted work streams for our clients and their Q3/Q4 strategies (and beyond), we are thrilled to have such incredible tools and gifted talents collaborating within our group. We are [...]

Shiney Media Produces APEX Summit for Perennial Financial and Partners

One of the coolest things to come out of the pandemic: While many of the bigger consumer brands held back due to COVID, Shiney Media Group had the opportunity to work with certain businesses that would have otherwise been off the radar. Excellent example right here! SMG produced an amazing conference for Perennial Financial Services and Sponsors in Montecito, CA [...]

SMG Moved By Mending Kids Imagine Gala

Shiney Media Group is very happy to share our support for Mending Kids, an organization committed to providing critical surgical care to sick children around the world. Mending Kids relies on the generosity of heartfelt donors and the incredibly brilliant volunteer surgeons and caregivers who travel the globe to treat children who would otherwise not have the means for life-saving [...]

Shiney Media Group Hosts Members Day

Shiney Media Group celebrated our launch with the first-ever Member's Day event.  The team welcomed members, family and friends alike for an evening of flowing conversation, eats and beverages.  Upon arriving in Downtown LA's most interactive studio (CBONB Studios), guests were encouraged to participate in the experience "escape room" vibe and text for admittance. Guests were greeted, gathered and then [...]

Shiney’s Firewater is HOT

Shiney now makes his very own collection of unique hot sauces for SMG clients, friends and family! Please check out www.shineysfirewater.com to learn more about the nine varieties to date!

MS Event Production Holiday Party

Member Evan Smith and MS Event Productions hosted a holiday blowout event on Tuesday, December 10th, with some incredible event production prowess on full display (and some very ugly sweaters). The MS warehouse and offices in Atwater Village (Los Angeles) were transformed into a festive interactive soiree for the senses. SMG members were very excited to join and experience all [...]

7 Core Benefits of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)

Every business strives to reach a more vast audience through advertising. Business owners are finding DOOH advertising satisfactory for their business’s publicity because they know the benefits of DOOH, frequently looking for new digital out of home advertising trends in this digital world. Most people assume that it’s enough to advertise their business on social media platforms and found DOOH [...]

Evolution of Marketing: Picture to 3D Animation

Unconsciously we all are connected to animation since our childhood . Yes, you got it right. Growing up, watching animated characters is something we can’t resist. Due to evolution of marketing, animation has always gained control over our imagination. From its emergence to implementation, animation has evolved a lot. It is not impeded to entertainment only, and now it has [...]

9 Secrets About Out Of Home Marketing To Increase Your Revenue

Marketing strategies are dynamic and gradually extending into more sections. By hearing the term out of home marketing, we assume that it is all about visual advertising. Traditional marketing materials like billboards, ads on streets, bus shelters, train stations, and airports included in OOH advertising. The most exciting revolution in OOH marketing is when digital technology makes its way to [...]

6 Successful Tips For Airport Marketing Campaign

Airports are not restricted to departures and landings, or they are just not the place to welcome foreigners. It’s a place that entails distinctive emotions. Hardest goodbye and warm welcomes witnessed here. Airport marketing is one of the most beneficial marketing in this digital age. Through a robust airport marketing campaign,  you are informing your audience at a mass level. [...]

Video Marketing in 2020: Everything You Need To Know

The world has changed in various ways since the digital advancement was initiated. We have come a long way from long-form text to short content pieces to advancing towards visuals and now video content. Video marketing has also transformed in many aspects. Marketers used lengthy video films to explain their products like the first Tetra Pak film from the 1950s, [...]

9 Facts About Out Of Home Advertising (OOH) – You Must Know

When you see sponsored ads on social media platforms or digital advertising all over, The one question that strikes your mind about out of home advertising is it practical????? Every type of business aims to reach a broader audience through advertising. Business owners are finding Out of home advertising for adequate promotion of their business, continually looking for new OOH [...]

10 Tips To Make Your OOH Advertising Effective

You have set the business, fills all the requirement of branding. Still, looking for effective ways of advertising. Now, this is the point where you have to plan to make OOH advertising effective. Unfortunately, you are new to the business you have no idea from where to began. As there are too many opinions exist. It seems daunting to find [...]

8 Reasons That Tells You Importance of Experiential Marketing Strategy

Serving a customer is all about creating an experience. No matter which product or service we offer in the market, the experience we provide counts the most. For years, marketers have strives to increase the memorability of their brands. At last, they have realized that the importance of experiential marketing is not something to ignore. There are major reasons to [...]

About Virtual Event: 4 important lesson You Know to Form The broadcast world

We are well informed about the event industry. We have been organizing and attending thousands of events and witnessing progress in the event industry. Have you noticed a major shift in the event approaches? There's a major shift from live events to virtual events. if we talk about virtual events the impact of the pandemic is something that has massively [...]

3 Effective Out of Home Advertising Trends in USA 2020

Out of Home advertising trends have changed drastically in the past few years. From the simple billboards alongside the streets to dynamic Digital OOH ads, the advertising landscape has transformed. We have witnessed changes regarding the mediums that advertisers use and also the creative technology that is involved. The out-of-home advertising statistics show an expected increase of 8.5% in marketing [...]

10 Unique OOH Advertising Ideas for Brand Awareness

Out Of Home or the OOH advertising media is all about marketing products or services to the consumers as they are on the go. The term OOH seems like a new one; however, the concept goes back to the 1800s. From big posters outside the shops to get customer’s attention to wooing them by life-size wallscapes, OOH advertising ideas have [...]

7 Best Ways to Market Your Event and Make it Successful

As you decide on organizing an event, may it be a seminar or a concert, there are multiple things that you must do. And the most crucial among all those things is to market your event. If an event is not marketed well, no matter how perfectly you organize it, you won't be able to reap the benefits you perceived. [...]

6 Top-Notch Creative Social Media Marketing Strategies You Must Apply

Whether it’s your business, house party, or institute, you can’t survive without social media. Social media serves as oxygen to marketing these days. However, many businesses stay back in using media marketing strategies. Things have progressed beyond likes, share, and followers as they are liable for the brand’s authenticity. Social media takes responsibility for the brand to meet the demands [...]

Homework And Virtual Fist-Bumps: SMG Still At It!

Well, that escalated quickly... Without rehashing the current pandemic, Shiney Media Group would like to wish everyone good health and encouragement while we all do our part by practicing Social Distancing. So, that said... While we love nothing more than to be together side-by-side to collaborate, produce, shoot, activate, and engage, SMG is also an exceptionally creative collective and a [...]

Latest DAYLAM Pro Reel Sizzles


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Southwest Airlines – Incursion Marketing

  • Southwest Airlines and partner Chase Bank executed a 2 month cross-country mobile tour featuring pop-up stations with interactive consumer engagements
  • Amp Agency trusted the Incursion executive team to oversee field management, planning, execution, and technology support
  • Project executed successfully in 11 markets

Gloomy Eyes – 3Dar

  • Animated experience
  • An original 3 episode VR piece
  • Winning awards at all of the major film and animation festivals worldwide.


Earth – 3Dar

  • Global awareness piece (entertainment collaborators)
  •  10M views within 24 hours of it’s YouTube release back in mid-April and now is over 200M views.
  • Created all the animation and co-directed.

Projection Mapping – Pixel Density

Sprint Pokemon AR – Razz

Adult Swim Comic Con – MS Event Productions

Mountain Dew NBA All Star – MS Event Productions

Emory Health – Daylam Productions

Georgia Power – Daylam Productions

Red Bull Stratos – BeCore

Owner Evan Smith and MS Event Productions will be hosting a holiday blowout event on Tuesday, December 10th. Undoubtedly, some incredible event production prowess will be on full display. SMG members are very excited to witness the results and experience all the fun for those who can attend!

Shiney’s Firewater is HOT Shiney now makes his very own collection of unique hot sauces for SMG clients, friends and family! Please check out www.shineysfirewater.com to learn more about the nine varieties to date!



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Tourism Authority of Thailand: Water

L&H VIVE: Architecture

Yuasa Battery

Yuasa Battery

Nissan Teana-TV

Nissan Teana-TV

FTB Challenge – Interactive Entertainment

Participants compete to see who can withstand the ultimate spicy taste test!

Nova Pilates – Interproduction

Promotional Video