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Homework And Virtual Fist-Bumps: SMG Still At It!

Well, that escalated quickly… Without rehashing the current pandemic, Shiney Media Group would like to wish everyone good health and encouragement while we all do our part by practicing Social Distancing. So, that said… While we love nothing more than to be together side-by-side to collaborate, produce, shoot, activate, and engage, SMG is also an exceptionally creative collective and a supportive community, so we certainly can figure out how to make the best of any situation. Shiney Media Group remains very active, positive, communicating, ideating, exercising ingenuity and developing content and strategies to elevate businesses in a very challenging time. We now congregate virtually within our group and with colleagues from the multitude of industries we work with, committed to produce new sources of entertainment to the consumer audiences stuck at home. Fortunately the SMG business model, efficient and precise, is built to navigate times like this, and we are here to help you too! The members of our group are providing significant strategies to clients based on aggregated data and analysis, with solutions both short and long term. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding digital services, animation, analytics, media planning, VR, and much more!


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Southwest Airlines – Incursion Marketing

  • Southwest Airlines and partner Chase Bank executed a 2 month cross-country mobile tour featuring pop-up stations with interactive consumer engagements
  • Amp Agency trusted the Incursion executive team to oversee field management, planning, execution, and technology support
  • Project executed successfully in 11 markets

Gloomy Eyes – 3Dar

  • Animated experience
  • An original 3 episode VR piece
  • Winning awards at all of the major film and animation festivals worldwide.


Earth – 3Dar

  • Global awareness piece (entertainment collaborators)
  •  10M views within 24 hours of it’s YouTube release back in mid-April and now is over 200M views.
  • Created all the animation and co-directed.

Projection Mapping – Pixel Density

Sprint Pokemon AR – Razz

Adult Swim Comic Con – MS Event Productions

Mountain Dew NBA All Star – MS Event Productions

Emory Health – Daylam Productions

Georgia Power – Daylam Productions

Red Bull Stratos – BeCore

Owner Evan Smith and MS Event Productions will be hosting a holiday blowout event on Tuesday, December 10th. Undoubtedly, some incredible event production prowess will be on full display. SMG members are very excited to witness the results and experience all the fun for those who can attend!

Shiney’s Firewater is HOT Shiney now makes his very own collection of unique hot sauces for SMG clients, friends and family! Please check out www.shineysfirewater.com to learn more about the nine varieties to date!



Tourism Authority of Thailand: Gastronomy


Tourism Authority of Thailand: Water

L&H VIVE: Architecture

Yuasa Battery

Yuasa Battery

Nissan Teana-TV

Nissan Teana-TV

FTB Challenge – Interactive Entertainment

Participants compete to see who can withstand the ultimate spicy taste test!

Nova Pilates – Interproduction

Promotional Video