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Importance of Experiential Marketing

8 Reasons That Tells You Importance of Experiential Marketing Strategy

Serving a customer is all about creating an experience. No matter which product or service we offer in the market, the experience we provide counts the most. For years, marketers have strives to increase the memorability of their brands. At last, they have realized that the importance of experiential marketing is not something to ignore.

There are major reasons to consider experiential marketing as a crucial part of your strategy. In this article, we will discuss the different roles experiential marketing plays in your brand’s success.

Importance of Experiential Marketing for Brand’s Success

As rapid digital advancement has made smarter solutions available to every individual at hand, the bar for expectations has gone higher. Customers expect the brands to know them and their preferences. They look up to the brands to provide personalized solutions based on their particular needs.

Customers want to know what they are signing up for even before making the buying decision. They also have a plethora of products and services available at their discretion. That makes it further difficult to keep a brand at the top of their mind.

1. Experience Beats Perception

Consumers watch tons of ads every day. They also listen to reviews and read those here and there. All these pieces of information sum up and create a perception in their minds. These perceptions can be positive or negative.

Mostly when someone comes across a negative review of your product or service, they will never want to spend on it. Marketers can formulate experiential marketing campaigns to change the negative perceptions of such potential customers.

They would not want to invest in your product; however, it won’t feel like a big deal trying it out. And who knows, your customers may end up loving your brand at the end.

Experience beat perception

2. If You Involve, You Remember

We remember 30% of what we see and 80% of what we personally experience. This one fact is enough in weight to identify the utmost importance of experiential marketing.

As we previously mentioned, your target audience watches many ads on a usual day. They can not remember everything they see. And that is where experiential marketing plays its role.

The goal of a marketer is not just to show them an ad. The actual goal is to make them feel a certain way. If you provide your customer with the opportunity to experience your product or service firsthand, they will remember it for longer.

3. Great Experience is Equal to Boosted WOM

Once the customer experiences your product or service for themselves, they may end up loving it. That depends upon the kind of creativity and media marketing strategies that you combine. Nevertheless, they will be talking about it. They’d share their experience with their friends or family.

The word will start spreading. Your responsibility is to make sure that word of mouth is positive by providing them a worthwhile experience.

brand collaboration
Lasting Connection

4. Lasting Connection with Customers

In today’s age, where hundreds of options pop up as a result of one search, loyalty has shrunk to nearly nothing. You need to build a continuous and active connection with your customers, or they switch.

For achieving that, you need to understand the importance of experiential marketing. You can create this continuously evolving relationship with them by constantly providing experiential interactions that keep you at the top of their mind.

That’s how they will be able to remember your brand name when they look for a product or service that you offer.

5. Active Participation from Customers

Experiential marketing is providing face to face experience to the customers where they come in direct contact with the brand. They not only actively interact with the brand, but they also actively participate in the activities that are led in the campaign.

Such experiences leave a solid mark on their mind. They recognize your brand instantly the next time it comes across. And it also creates a sense of belonging with the brand.

Mass audience
Instant Feedback

6. Instant Feedback

As your target audience starts interacting with your experiential marketing campaign, they form an opinion about it. They either find it impressive, or they take a brief look and leave.

The importance of experiential marketing is that all these reactions that you get, they mean something. You can collect this feedback and find common ground to enhance the effective parts of the campaign further. As a result, your campaigns become more resonant with the audience they are meant for.

7. Learning from Real time Data

When the customers are right in front of the marketers, the reactions and behaviors are more visible. Marketers get the opportunity to obtain real time data from the customers and use it to design more effective campaigns.

The importance of experiential marketing gets clearer when you think about the data you attain and how useful it can be for your future actions. Learning from the real time data can prove to be a smart way to market your event as well.

You would get the chance to make required changes to your main event as per the real time data you get from the audience.

Learn Real time
Generated Ideas

8. User Generated Ideas

If you research about experiential marketing, you may come across many articles that would tell you similar things. However, there is one thing that no other blog may have pointed out, and that is user-generated ideas.

We are already familiar with the concept of campaigns that get work around user-generated content. The same can imply when it comes to experiential marketing. Your audience can become a source of new ideas and content for your campaign.

There is a double benefit in these campaigns as the audience talks to the brand directly, expressing their expectations, providing new directions to consider.


The importance of experiential marketing can not be ignored. Marketing is all about creating positive and memorable experiences that lead to higher conversions and repeated sales. The direct involvement of customers enables stronger and lasting connections. Word of mouth starts spreading, and before you know, your brand becomes a household name for thousands of people.

There are no disadvantages to experiential marketing; however, people take their time before they fully adopt any new concept. You can still find progressive agencies for creative media strategy in Los Angeles that can help you to create mobile media marketing program for your brand marketing


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