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Out Of Home Marketing

9 Secrets About Out Of Home Marketing To Increase Your Revenue

Marketing strategies are dynamic and gradually extending into more sections. By hearing the term out of home marketing, we assume that it is all about visual advertising.

Traditional marketing materials like billboards, ads on streets, bus shelters, train stations, and airports included in OOH advertising. The most exciting revolution in OOH marketing is when digital technology makes its way to make it more useful.

As marketing trends have been transformed, many marketing agencies have adopted digital advertising and proved that it works. Moreover, it has promoted opportunities for marketers.

After knowing all the perks of OOH marketing, don’t miss out on the latest trends. So go ahead. Business owners invest more in their marketing and branding for the handsome revenue and success of their business.

But here’s the point to ponder how we can generate sufficient revenue through out of home marketing. This article will tell you all the tactics for using OOH marketing to attract customers and drive sales for every business type.

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Secrets About Out Of Home Marketing To Increase Your Revenue

Most business owners often mix up digital marketing concepts with digital OOH advertising. Due to which they lack in achieving all their sales targets. If you are a passionate marketer, you must know all the hidden secrets of generating revenue through out of home marketing.

1. Add Creative to Increase Engagement

Visual or any unusual creative always leaves a spark. Out of home marketing automatically opens gates for advertisers to produce unique and client grabbing creative.

Music, digital format signs on highways, buses, and airports are the most common ways to experiment creative. Marketers could have a substantial area to test through these platforms.

Coming on influential creative, they make Out Of Home marketing extensible and increase revenue. Creative can be composed and changed according to traffic speed. Something unusual in your way always grabs attention, and its plus if you are stuck in traffic.

Increase Engagement

2. Place Directional Ads and Increase Visits

Ads increase visit

Placing directional ads is the best idea to invite mass traffic to your outlet. Advertisements that offer discounts and deals always trigger the customers in traffic after seeing the ad; what they do next reaches the location.

As the customer is already driving so the directions ad is the direct invitation of free offers. Ads that highlight the customer value is a fruitful formula to upsurge sale through outlets.

3. OOH Marketing with Mobile

Integrating mobile devices in your out of home marketing is indeed the best idea to increase revenue. Although it can diversify with phones like iPhone users, see different ads, and android users will see ads differently.

Promoters have creative instincts to make the most of every medium. Apart from selling products, billboards are also used for public updates like weather and search inquiries triggers. They are also used for personalized advertisements for mobile devices.

Marketing with Mobile

4. Practice Data Measurement

Data Measurement

The marketing industry has been contributing to measurement systems to discover more about digital advertising platforms. Through this, you will get to know to whom your digital ad is reaching. With this, consumer behavior can be recorded quickly.

A few decades back, advertisers deal with manual examinations to know consumer behavior. Noticing consumer behavior lets you know where you are lacking. You’ll get the chance to drive your revenue through this instantly. Using data helps advertisers to determine and breaking down the target audience.

5. Start Automation

Automation is the fundamental part of the out of home marketing trend that every advertiser should go for. OOH, ad space’s buying process was troublesome because it requires lots of negotiation and discourse between the agency and an advertiser.

To avoid all the bargaining dispute, OOH marketing has to move towards automation and make it more productive. Some platforms let marketers use mobile ads and OOH marketing with the same interface. Digital OOH marketing can also be followed at any hour. As compared to the old method, now there are better chances to get faster results.


6. Increase Your Growth Location Wise

growth Location

There are many cities known for their population and people who are busy and connected with out of home marketing. The availability of digital booths, free Wi-Fi brings significant areas for advertisers to attract customers. New York’s time square is a great example, though.  Cities like California, Texas, and Huston support OOH marketing and serving the whole OOH marketing to a big scale. Hence the crowded location is the source of sufficient revenue.

7. Place Your AD Near to Your Competitors

In the business world, owners believe that sharing our marketing strategy is a sin. But out of home marketing has changed this perception. It says that businesses could share their competitive process by placing ads near to your customers.

Either it is sharing pricing, tactics, and convenience. People tend to attract such strategic marketing ideas.

location objective

8. Invest in Seasonal Marketing


Investing in the marketing of your product or service is the best chance to make money. Services that are trending due to any season are the best source to generate revenue.

Here all you have to do is to use billboard ads smartly. Also, digital billboards which place your dynamic ads that change according to weather or current situations

9. Introduce a New Product

You might think that how a new product can help in revenue? Famous brands launch new products and promote them all over through all mediums. When the hype is created at the mass level, customers automatically drive towards your new launch. Your new product reaches to the audience quickly when the customer value is mixed in it.

process of advertising

Why Media Buyers Lean Towards OOH Marketing

Sometimes online marketing seems complicated for media buyers. Ad blockers are widely used, and those who don’t use ad blockers are so besieged with marketing that it’s challenging to execute. If an ad is not appropriate by any means, its probabilities of being placed are not high.

But don’t worry, these are not the problems with out of home marketing.  Billboards and digital screens and other out-of-home materials are unavoidable. They’re also disengaging. There’s no chance to go down and no lack of visibility. Or you can say they are the ideal channel for the great, vivid information that brands are trying to disseminate.

Media buyers who have made Out Of Home marketing a part of their multiple campaigns have concluded that OOH offers a crucial hike to their channels. The research suggested that about 48% and more consumers deliberately click on a mobile ad after being revealed to the same ad on an out-of-home ad first.

Furthermore, another research found that 46% of examined adults had carried out an online search after seeing the objective of their investigation in OOH marketing. Related outcomes were also noticed by commanding social networks.


Indeed, marketing is an old type of advertising, but it is evolving more n more. Because of digitization, new trends of out of home also have been emerging and giving new shapes to the marketing system. It is progressing with the propagation of technology. Changing customer needs and demands, increasing its importance, and required more trends. Hence we don’t need any other reason to go for out of home marketing when we know all its pros.


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